Senior Staff Research Scientist, Head of AGI Strategy and Governance,  Google DeepMind   

Founding Director and Board Member, Centre for the Governance of AI

Trustee, Cooperative AI Foundation

I work on the global governance of artificial intelligence.  My goal is to help guide the development of AI for the common good.  I believe the governance of AI is the most important global issue of the century. 

I do this work at Google DeepMind, as a Senior Staff Research Scientist and Head of AGI Strategy and Governance. 

I am also the founding director and board member of the Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI), which was founded at the University of Oxford and is now an independent nonprofit. 

My earlier work examined the causes of the liberal peace, and the role of reputation and honor as motives for war. Along the way I developed statistical and methodological tools to enable more transparent, credible causal inference. 

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Allan Dafoe

Google DeepMind
(R7) 14-18 Handyside Street

London, N1C 4DN, UK

Centre for the Governance of AI

Trajan House, Mill St 

Oxford, OX2 0DJ, UK