AI Talks

Select Recorded Talks

  • "AI Strategy, Policy, and Governance." Beneficial AGI Conference, Puerto Rico, 2019 (Video, 22 min)

  • "Governing AI Security Risks", at the European Parliament, Sub-Committee for Security and Defence, Public Hearing on Artificial Intelligence. October 2018. (Video, talk at 10:17:00, comments at 11:07:30)

  • Featured in documentary "Man in the Machine", by VPRO Backlight (Video, at 33:00).

  • Talk at Effective Altruism Global, London, 2017. "AI Governance." (30 min)

  • For a slightly more introductory piece, see talk at Effective Altruism Global, Boston, 2017. "The AI Revolution and International Politics." (35 min)

  • 80,000 Podcast Interview on the governance of artificial intelligence

See also the interview notes.

Select Other Talks

  • National Academies-Royal Society Symposium on AI, DC, 2019

  • World AI Conference, Shanghai, 2019.

  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence Evidence Meeting (UK)

  • Roundtable at Group of Governmental Experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapons, hosted by Geneva Centre for Security Policy and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs;

  • Futuremakers podcast, University of Oxford (link).

  • Neural Information Processing Systems Conference, 'Strategic and societal implications of ML'

  • CISAC, 'Governing the AI Revolution: the research landscape'

  • Chair of Panel on AI and Global Security Risks - Yale University

  • Keynote on AI Governance at Public Policy Forum with senior officials of Canadian Government.

  • European Commission workshop on International AI Perspectives, EurAI;

  • University of California, Los Angeles, International Relations Workshop;

  • University of California, San Diego, International Relations Speaker Series;

  • Engaging with the public with Artificial Intelligence: What can we do?'; AI @ Oxford Roundtable on AI and Ethics

  • 'The Global Politics of the AI Revolution: A Research Agenda'; University of Oxford, IR Colloquium;

  • University of Oxford, Rhodes AI Lab;